The original XTREE GOLD for DOS was IMHO the best file manager ever written. EXTREME is a native Windows file manager that attempts to emulate the speed and elegance of XTREE with new features such as long file names and protected memory support.

Screen Shot


  • 80% of the original XTGOLD Version 3 "Look & Feel".
  • 20% all new key strokes.
  • True 32-bit/64-bit protected text-mode Windows application.
  • Windows long file name support (by design).
  • Split screen support.
  • Recordable keyboard macro support.
  • Mouse support.
  • Windows clipboard support.
  • Arbitrary screen mode support under Windows NT/2000/XP. Click here for a screen shot.
  • Tab command line completion.
  • Customisable colour and frame characters.
  • Runs under Linux using WINE, and under ReactOS. Click here for a screen shot.


EXTREME 32-bit Version 7.4

EXTREME 64-bit Version 7.4

Official Text Editor

The Thomson-Davis Editor

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