Joystick Configuration

Joystick configuration is handled via registry keys. All the settings are held under the following registry branch:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WebpImageViewer\Webp Image Viewer\Settings


The Joystick ID to use, can be 1 for Joystick 1 or 2 for Joystick 2. Set to 0 to disable joystick support. The default value is 1.

DWORD: JoyButton1 - JoyButton16

The 16 buttons on the joystick/gamepad can be mapped to any one of the following decimal codes:

4001View Next Image
4002View Previous Image
4003View Next Image (right-aligned)
4004View Previous Image (right-aligned)
4022Toggle Fullscreen
4031Zoom In
4032Zoom Out
4040Escape out of the current view
5000Null operation (use to disable a default button)

Default button assignments:
JoyButton1View Previous Image
JoyButton2View Next Image
JoyButton3Zoom Out
JoyButton4Zoom In
JoyButton7View Previous Image (right-aligned)
JoyButton8View Next Image (right-aligned)
JoyButton9Escape out of the current view
JoyButton10Toggle Fullscreen