Uncompressed BGRA Format (*.bgra)

BGRA is an uncompressed binary image format. Each pixel is represented by a sequence of 4 bytes, 1 byte each for the blue, green, red, and alpha channels (in that order).

The first 2 bytes in the file is the image width value, followed by 2 bytes for the image height value. The width and height values are stored as 16-bit little-endian integers giving a maximum image dimension of 65536 x 65536 pixels.

Pixels are drawn from the top left to the top right and then down.

Image List Format (*.lst)

An image list is a plain text file with the filenames of supported images. Each image filename is on a new line, and can be a full file path, or a relative file path (relative to the containing .lst file).

Images can be from different folders and drives, or all from the same folder.

Navigation between images can be done using the Next, Previous, or Random image function.

Example .lst file contents: